Je bekijkt nu 5 Ways How To Get Better At Olympic Weightlifting

5 Ways How To Get Better At Olympic Weightlifting

This article describes 5 ways how to improve your Olympic weightlifting. Improving can mean a whole lot of things in this sport, but foremost it means increasing your 1RM on the snatch and your 1RM in the Clean and Jerk. In order to accomplish that there is a lot of tools, you can put to use.

Do the olympic lifts more frequently

Probably when you read the title of this paragraph you were like: “Duhhh. Lift more to lift more, thank you for the tip captain obvious”. And that reaction is completely justified. However, I want to point out that with lifting more frequently I am aiming towards two things mainly.

1: Try to incorporate both lifts on most training days (snatch & CJ) instead of doing one of the two. Power variations like power snatch and power clean also count. Dividing up the volume is advised.

2: Use a lot of variations to train and improve specific positions in the lifts. By using block variations, hang variations, and or lifts with a pause in the movement improves your body’s ability to lift. Why? Because the more ways the body has learned how to do a particular movement, the better/efficient it gets in doing that movement.

Train in a group regurarly

Training in a group is both fun and educational. By training with lifters that are better, stronger, and or more technically proficient than you, gives you an example to recreate. Olympic Weightlifting is a sport that is all about the details. Having good examples is very good for getting all the details. Besides that, training in a group promotes and increases competition between athletes which drives performance.

Find a coach that helps you with olympic weightlifting technique

having a coach that helps you with your Olympic weightlifting technique and program is very valuable. Especially in the first years of lifting this could really kickstart your progression. By learning proper technique from the start you will not only prevent injuries (because of the wrong technique) but you will also have a higher peak performance potential.

Improve your strength

Besides the technical and speed element that Olympic weightlifting has, it is a sport where strength plays a key role. If you get stronger, specific strength towards the Olympic lifts, you will probably also improve your Olympic lifting. Some examples of exercises that are likely to improve your Olympic lifts are Backsquat, Frontsquat, Snatch pull, Clean pull, Snatch deadlift, Clean deadlift, Pushpress, and Romanian deadlifts.

Follow an olympic weightlifting program

Without following a program you will often stagnate in your progression. This is mostly not because you don’t lift well or you aren’t trying hard enough but because your body is not getting the right stimulus in order to achieve adaptation (= get better/stronger). This could have many reasons. For example Too little/too much variation in the exercises or too much / too little volume that is being done.

Final remarks

Olympic weightlifting is a sport that is not for the faint-hearted. It is hard work for sometimes very little gains. The body needs to overcome aches and pains and often doesn’t want to do that as fast as you want it to do it. However, when things go well and the barbell moves as you want it, there is nothing like it. The combination of technical precision and brute force makes it really enjoyable. From a participant’s standpoint and from a spectator’s standpoint. This is my opinion of course.

I hope I helped and inspired some of you to train hard, lift more and be passionate about the sport!

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