At GUTB we have the mission to make athletes stronger in all barbell disciplines. We aim to design the optimal barbell training for you. One of the main ways to achieve this is through teaching workshops in olympic weightlifting.

Organise a workshop at your gym

A workshop olympic weightlifting takes about 3 hours in total. Of these 3 hours,1,5 hours will be spend on the snatch and 1,5 on the clean and jerk. 

We always make sure that there is 1 coach for every 10 athletes that sign up for the workshop. This ensures that every participant gets sufficient individual feedback. 

De kosten per deelnemer zijn €75-. 

The minimum group size is 10 people. 

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More information about our workshops

With the weightlifting workshop we aim to help groups of people learn the fundamentals of olympic weightlifting technique. 

During the workshop we spend on average 90 minutes on the snatch and 90 minutes on the clean and jerk. 

We use a wide variety of complexes and variations to give you a solid foundation and understanding of both lifts.