Overhead Strength Program: Work the Jerk



Overhead Strength Program: Work The Jerk

Do you want to build more overhead strength? Search no further. We have the perfect program for you! This 6 program focusses on improving your overhead strength by implementing a variety of overhead training exercises.

Goal of the overhead strength training program

The goal of this program is to increase overhead strength. Foremost, overhead strength for the jerk. However this program will also carry over to other overhead lifts such as the pushpress. Achieving more overhead strength will benefit your clean and jerk.

What overhead strength training exercises are prioritized?

Every training day will start off with the jerk. Two of the three days start with split-jerks. The third day starts with power-jerks. The volume varies between the days. On the first day you will do triples. The second and third day varies between triples, doubles and singles.

What exercises to expect?

Split jerk, power jerk, jerk dips, jerk drives, pushpress, side raises, pullups, dips, sandbag hold, jerk drives, pendlay rows and jerk rack holds.

General Information about following the overhead strength training program

In this program we opted for 3 days a week training. This means that you will always have a day of rest after a day of training. Once every week you will have 2 days of rest after one training session. Use the rest days to recover well for your next sessions.

The percentages of this program are based on a lifter’s 1 RM of that particular exercise. For example: If you have a 1RM of 100kg for the backsquat and the program indicates you have to do 80%. This means you will have to squat on 80kg. If this weight feels really light or really heavy you can deviate from the percentage. Don’t deviate more than 10% from the prescribed weight.

To get the maximum out of this program it is important to take good care of your recovery. Eat plenty of quality food and make sure to take in enough protein. Stretch for at least 10 minutes after each training session and reduce alcohol intake to a minimum.

Goodluck and have fun!