Complete Weightlifting Program Part 1



This is the first part of the 3 part complete weightlifting program. The goal of this complete weightlifting program is to work on your weightlifting abilities and increase your Snatch and Clean and Jerk 1RM. There will be a wide variety of exercises offered.

Every training day will start off with the olympic lifts. Two days will start of with snatches and one day start with the clean and jerk. There will be lifting from the floor, blocks and hang positions. On day 3 you will always perform the full classic competition lifts. These are the most challenging and will prepare you for maxing out eventually.


Besides snatches and clean and jerk there are 3 other exercises per training session. Prioritized secondly after the olympic lifts are the squats. You will squat 3 times a week. Back and Frontsquats will be evenly distributed throughout the weeks. (2-1 BS FS or 1-2 BS FS per week)

The other exercises in this complete weightlifting program are snatchpull, cleanpull, pushpress, split-jerk, back extension, plank and farmery carry. For a more detailed description on all the exercises, check out the movement library at the end of the program.

Training Frequency

In this program we opted for 3 days a week training. This means that you will always have a day of rest after a day of training. Once every week you will have 2 days of rest after one training session. Use the rest days to recover well for your next sessions.

Training intensity

The percentages of this program are based on a lifter’s 1 RM of that particular exercise. For example: If you have a 1RM of 100kg for the backsquat and the program indicates you have to do 80%. This means you will have to squat on 80kg. If this weight feels really light or really heavy you can deviate from the percentage. Don’t deviate more than 10% from the prescribed weight.


To get the maximum out of this program it is important to take good care of your recovery. Eat plenty of quality food and make sure to take in enough protein. Stretch for at least 10 minutes after each training session and reduce alcohol intake to a minimum.

We hope you will enjoy this program and you will get some nice PR’s!

Best Regards,

Tobias van Leeuwen
Get Under The Bar